We are a patriotic and civic organization unlike any other. To be a member requires loyalty, dedication, and the propensity to have fun. Membership takes you on a journey into brotherhood through service and dedication to your community and the United Sates of America. Our vision extends nationally but we never neglect our responsibility to the community in which our camp is located.


The Noble Eagle Family

The primary mission of the Noble Eagles is to magnify an awareness of our nation’s POW/MIA and to support our armed forces should any be captured or reported Missing in Action. These brave Americans cannot speak for themselves, we will speak for them. Our primary objective is to demand the return and accurate accounting of all our service members who are POW/MIA. The majority of our members ride motorcycles (we ride for those who cannot). To be a member of the Noble Eagles, it is not required you own a motorcycle, you only need a love of Country and Community.

FOUNDING: Six men gathered at Buzzer McGee’s in Eldon, Missouri to discuss uniting into a brotherhood to support veteran rights and the POW/MIA issue. The result of this meeting was the founding and organization of the Noble Eagles Camp 1. The foundation and vision of the organization was carefully planned and the views of the founders are emphasized in the charter of the Noble Eagles. The vision remains true today! The founders insisted on one thing which remains constant: BROTHERHOOD. When you join the Noble Eagles, you join a family; you become a brother dedicated to the United Sates of America.

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Noble Eagles • Eldon, Missouri

"Our common love and respect for our country, state and community, along with our propensity* to have fun is what brings us together."

From The Biking Life Magazine

On a nice Sunday in January, I took a little ride over to Eldon, Missouri, to
check out the meeting house for the Noble Eagles. I haven’t been to a lot of
clubhouses or organizations of riders who have their own place, but I must
say, these guys have a great little setup. Donated by a local family that owns
the house and surrounding property, this old two-story house has a bar,
fridge, couches, and TVs scattered about. Rally flags and posters decorate
the walls of the meeting house, which is set up basically as a place to meet,
have a few, or just get away from the old lady. The Noble Eagles have
scrapbooks of pictures from their travels, and a board behind the bar shows
all the stuff they have planned for the coming riding season...and they get
good participation.

The Noble Eagles formed about 3 years ago to provide community service
around Eldon. They provide scholarships for high school students, benefit
local charities, clean up run-down park facilities, and help out around town
as needed. The Noble Eagles even provided transportation for some WWII
vets to see the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C. That is pretty cool, since
my dad was a vet and saw action in the European Theater out of the
windows of a bomber. He would have appreciated that. The WWII vets are
dying daily, and there are not a lot of members of the greatest generation left
to thank.

Some of the upcoming scheduled rides are Daytona, west Grand Canyon,
Little Sturgis (this one is for me), Fayetteville, and Sturgis. Judging by some
of the group’s pictures, it looks like they have fun, and they always invite
others who want to hook up with them to give them a call.

The more, the merrier. The guys are a mix of retired folks and others who are
still slaving: the only requirements are to have fun and enjoy riding. There is
a poker run coming up on the first or second Sunday of April that will start at
Buzzard McGee’s bar in Eldon and end up at the Camp Bagnell Fish House,
with stops throughout the Lake area. Be sure to stay for music and fun after
the run on the deck outside; it’ll be a good start to the local riding season.

*Reprinted by permission of The Biking Life Magazine, March 2006 Issue